To mark the start of our new blog, I’m going to kick it off with a brand new project – Imperial Knights: Renegade!

So I got a little bit excited when this set was announced. Since getting back into the hobby, Imperial Knights haven’t really been something I’ve been that interested in, but as soon as  saw this.. things changed. That renegade knight is so freaking cool. 

Announced just as I was adding some finishing touches to the blog, and released a week before my birthday, I couldn’t resist!


I’ve made a start on building the first knight already and I’m planning on building them both up at the same time for when I get closer to the end and have to focus on what parts to magnetise for the arms and weapons. I’ve got a feeling that part is going to be quite tricky, so the more I have built, and the less I have sat on sprues, the easier it should be to figure out. After all, you get one Knight Warden, and one Knight Paladin in the box. That means there’s only one of each carapace weapon, one thunderstrike gauntlet, and one avenger gatling cannon. The rest of the weapon options there are two of, so magnetising will be quite handy.

I’m also planning on building them as they are on the box, one renegade, and one loyalist. The great thing about GW putting full kits in these boxes, is that you can do whatever you like with them. I know for most of the games that have come out recently, people have bought them just for the models. This box isn’t much different. Depending on where you buy it, you can end up getting two knights for the price of one, and some scenery on top! The sensible side of me that’s thinking about how I can use these in 40k, says to make them both of the same knightly order, like I imagine most people will so they can add them to their current army. That way, it will be easier for me to swap weapons around, and it’ll mean only one more knight is needed for a household detachment. However, I simply must make that renegade knight. I don’t even have a Chaos army (apart from the Dark Vengeance models) to use it with. But right now, I don’t really care! I have no plans on running lots of knights, so one renegade and one loyalist is fine with me. Plus, I’ve read through how the renegade game works, and it does sound pretty good! So I’ll definitely be playing it as it’s own game too.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling on. Keep an eye out for updates and I put these guys together!

House Terryn