So in my eagerness to work on the Knights, I kinda skipped posting updates of the early building stages. I wanted to get as much written up about them as I could, but I only had a few days to get these guys built, primed, and basecoated.

At this point, I’d managed to get both knights built, and the main colours of all the armour panels basecoated. From the pictures above you’ll see that I’ve pretty much finished the main part of the bodies. The metal was done with a few other colours added in there to break up the silver, and then all the washing and dry brushing was done after.

I tried to make both skeletons look different as the House Terryn one (blue feet) will keep a well maintained kinda look, while the renegade knight (white/grey feet) I wanted to look a little less looked after. To help achieve this, I used a couple of Nuln Oil washes on the Imperial knight, while on the renegade knight I use one wash of Nuln Oil followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. I’m also going to add some extra weathering to the renegade knight when I come round to that stage.

Anyhow, I’ll get some more updates out soon. Any questions, feel free to ask!