After finally completing the metal work on the skeletons on the Knights, I decided to move onto the gold. First off I just wanted to paint the trim of a shoulder plate in the new gold colour system of Retributor Armour etc. like how the Stormcast in Age of Sigmar are painted. I’ve used that system on characters recently, and even tried it on my Sanguinary Guard.


This was the outcome, and although it does look nice, there was something about it that I wasn’t sure about. The brightness, the yellow. It seemed way to bright next to the blue. It looks clean and fresh, which I don’t mind, but trying to imagine the whole model with this colour trim was hard.


Then I started looking at the gold on the ones painted on the Games Workshop website. Perfect! That’s what I want to go for. But what gold is that? How did they do it? It’s a really soft looking slightly rose gold. I started going through the colours in my head, and none of the Games Workshop golds are this colour. The closest I could think of was the Golden Griffon dry paint. Having used it before, I know it can give gold a softer look. The recommend paints on the site for the gold were the traditional Balthasar Gold, Agrax Earthshade, Gehenna’s Gold, Auric Armour Gold, and Golden Griffon.


So that’s what I tried next. This time on the opposite shoulder so I could compare them. It doesn’t look exactly like the gold they’ve got, but it’s not 100 miles off. And it does look better with the blue… And this I could imagine over the rest of the model.

Copy of IMG_20160504_012443

There was still something bugging me though. I wasn’t completely satisfied. How the hell did they do that gold? It can’t have been with those colours. I spent a good three days (and I kid you not) studying the pictures on their website. Moving around the 360 image, looking at different angles. Trying to reverse engineer how they painted it. I looked for guides, tutorials, I even bought that Imperial Knights painting guide iBook for £8. Nothing. Not a sausage. How the f**k did they do it?!

Then I thought of something. And I tried it..


I used that tradition gold recipe, but I swapped a couple of colours. First off I started with a base of Balthasar Gold, then applied Gehenna’s Gold on top. After that I went for a Reikland Fleshshade wash, hoping this would give it that very slight rose gold look. Once the wash dried I re-applied Gehenna’s Gold very very thinly, just over the main areas to give the gold it’s shine back. The final stage was dry brushing with Golden Griffon. This was the key stage. Too much, and it would ruin it. Too little, and it wouldn’t look right. Once I started applying it, it didn’t look right, but after a while, and carefully placing it, I noticed it started to look like the one they had done.


I’ll take that. After spending days trying to figure it out, I felt like this was the absolute closest I could get. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do. Taking a step back, I realised I really ought to be getting on with painting the model!

Someone did say to me that it doesn’t have to look exactly like the GW model, and I know it doesn’t. I don’t normally try to do it, but I just really liked this damn gold.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for today. Any questions, give me a shout!