++ Transmission received ++
Sender: Captain Aphael, 2nd Company
Message reads:
High value target acquired. [break]
Enemy walker. [break]
Current threat – high. [break]
Deploy the Angels. [end]
++ Transmission end ++

And the assault squad lands perfectly without scattering off target. The marines launch their attack, and with 3 melta shots, annihilate the enemy walker. And everyone lives happily ever after (apart from the incinerated xenos scum).

I had a blast painting this lot up. There were some tough challenges along the way, but I’m pretty happy with the final result. A lot of first time paint jobs for me too. I’d never painted a drop pod, lightning claw, yellow armour, or some of those gems they have before. So as well as a new vehicle, I had to learn some new techniques for the other bits too.

The most challenging I think, was the lightning claw. It didn’t come out exactly how I planned, but I thought it looked alright enough to keep. I made it a little lighter than what I was after, but for a first time job it’s okay. The challenging part was getting the blending between the colours right, and then applying the lightning effect without spoiling the overall paint job. The gems also took me a little while to get my head around too. Painting a fully 3D reflective object that can been see 360° was a tricky one to figure out. And in case you’re not sure which ones I mean, they’re the longer ones hanging off the melta-guns.

I also took the time to magnetise some of the parts on these guys too. The sergeant’s combi-melta is removable, as is the melta itself so I can make it a combi-flamer or something instead. This means I can also swap it out for a pistol of any kind if I wish to. His left arm is also magnetised, so I can opt for a cheaper loadout and give him a chainsword (which would make more sense, but I just like the look of the lightning claw). The two melta-guns in the unit are also swappable, again giving me the option to use flamers or something else.


The drop pod I am quite proud of. I took my time with it, and tried to do the best I could. It was a pretty time consuming job, and again had loads of little bits I’d never tried before. The hazard stripes stand out the most and were a joy to paint. They add some nice colour to the model and also make it look more interesting. Though, I’m not sure Space Marines would really need those edges to be marked out! The weathering was something I was a little nervous about painting, because adding it to a fully painted model that you’ve spent a long time working on, is something you should be careful about! I didn’t want to go overboard and do too much, but I wanted it to look like it had been used before. I opted to go for a balance somewhere in the middle, to make it look like it’s been deployed a number of times, but is also well maintained. I’m sure not all drop pod are recoverable after a battle, and those that are, probable don’t last a huge amount of time before they’re replaced.

I’ll get some more pictures up of the drop pod to show some different angels with the doors open. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Angel Boltgun