This week saw the release of the first batch of FAQ’s and errata’s for the 8th edition rule set and indexes. We’ll take a look at the updates that effect Blood Angels specifically, and then generic units that Blood Angels can take. We’ll finish off with the two FAQ’s at the end.

Blood Angels Specific

Blood Angels wargear:
Add the following before the final paragraph:
‘Models in Assault Squads that have the option for a
plasma pistol may instead take a hand flamer or an
inferno pistol (replacing their bolt pistol) and those
that have the option for a flamer may instead take a
meltagun or plasma gun (replacing their bolt pistol
and chainsword).’

Sanguinius rejoice! This is great news. We can keep meltaguns in our assault squads. Panic over. Stop snapping them off. I had a feeling this would return when we get a codex, but thankfully Games Workshop have updated it in an errata. I do wish they made it clear in the actual FAQ that this is for Blood Angels only though. I imagine other marine players might have got excited about it without checking the page number first..

Commander Dante
Chapter Master
Change this ability to read:
‘You can re-roll failed hit rolls for friendly Blood Angels units within 6" of Commander Dante.’

As far as I can tell, this just adds the word “units”.

Sanguinary Priest on Bike
Add the following ability:
‘Turbo-boost: When this model Advances, add 6" to its Move characteristic for that Movement phase instead of rolling a dice.’

Now he can keep up with everyone else on a bike when advancing.

Brother Corbulo
The Red Grail
Change the second sentence of this ability to read:
‘In addition, each time you make a hit roll of 6+ in the
Fight phase for a model in a friendly Blood Angels
unit that is within 6" of Brother Corbulo, that model can
immediately make another close combat attack using the
same weapon.’

This changes makes it model specific, as it previously stated “each unit”.

Baal Predator
Change the Flamestorm Cannon’s Type to read
‘Heavy D6’.
Add the following to the Wargear Options:
‘• This model may take a hunter-killer missile.
 • This model may take a storm bolter.’

A hit and miss update for the Baal Predator. Changing the flamestorm cannon type to ‘heavy’ renders it even more useless in my opinion. Now, it cannot be used after advancing. Which was one of the key tactics to using it in the first place. Get up the field as quick as possible, and smother enemy units in flames. Now, you can only use it after moving normally, which will slow down its functionality considerably. I won’t even mention the D6 hits.

The bonus to this errata is that they’ve added back the option to take a hunter-killer missile or a storm bolter. I thought it was a bit strange these were missing.

Both of them are definitely worth a look in. The storm bolter is only 2 points, and adds a little more dakka now that it is ‘rapid fire 2’. The hunter-killer missile, I think, is going to be a dark horse in the game. For a mere 6 points, you get a one-use 48″ range shot, that is S8 AP-2 and D6 damage. It’ll certainly help to knock a few wounds off enemy vehicles or characters. The fact that you can now fire weapons at different targets makes this even more viable. Just make sure you let it off before you take too much damage.

Generic Units

Wrist-mounted grenade launcher
Change the AP value to read ‘-1’.

Correcting a typo listed under Captains in terminator armour, which I believe is for that collectors edition model.

Company Veterans
Wargear Options
Change the second bullet point to read:
‘• Any model may replace their bolt pistol with a storm
shield or an item from the Melee Weapons or Pistols list.’

Just a slight change of wording which enables everyone in the unit to use this option.

Scout Squad
Concealed Positions
Change this ability to read:
‘Concealed Positions: When you set up this unit during
deployment, it can be set up anywhere on the battlefield
that is more than 9" from the enemy deployment zone
and any enemy models.’

This is to ensure scouts are set up more than 9″ away from any enemy models that may have also infiltrated during deployment.

Melta bomb
Change the Abilities text to read:
‘You can re-roll failed wound rolls for this weapon if the
target is a Vehicle.’

Nice little addition which makes the melta bomb even more worthwhile.

Inceptor Squad
Change the Crushing Charge rule to read:
‘Roll a D6 each time a model from this unit finishes
a charge move within 1" of an enemy unit; on a 6, the
enemy unit suffers a mortal wound.’

I think this was an error in the printed index, as the digital version has the same wording as above.

Twin heavy flamer
Change the Type to read ‘Heavy 2D6’.

As with the flamestorm cannon on the Baal Predator, this changes the twin heavy flamers on a razorback from an ‘assault’ weapon to a ‘heavy’ weapon.


Q. When Astorath uses his Mass of Doom ability, do you roll
one D6 and apply that result to all affected units, or do you roll
for each unit separately?
A. Roll for each unit separately.

Q. Are the +1 Strength boosts from the Blood Chalice and Red
Grail abilities cumulative, for a total of +2 Strength?
A. No. It’s only +1 Strength, even if the unit is within
range of both these abilities.


Angel Boltgun