The first round of erratas have arrive for Blood Angels, and thankfully, it’s only a small amendment.


Intercessor Squad, Wargear Options
Change the third bullet point to read:
‘The Intercessor Sergeant may replace their bolt rifle
with a power sword or chainsword. Alternatively they
may take a power sword or chainsword in addition to
their other weapons.’

From what I can tell, this change enables Blood Angels to take power swords on their Intercessor sergeants.

Company Champion
Change the unit description to read:
‘A Company Champion is a single model armed with a
bolt pistol, master-crafted power sword, frag grenades,
krak grenades and combat shield.’

This just adds the combat shield to the company champions wargear.

Points Values, Heavy Support
Change the points per model value for the Predator to
read ‘90’

12 point reduction. Nice.